What is a Load Break Switch (LBS)?

What is a Load Break Switch (LBS)? 1024 576 Gaurav J

In this tutorial, you’ll be able to learn about load break switch, where it is used and how to turn it ON and OFF. You’ll also understand the purpose and advantages of Load Break Switch. A brief details about the construction of load break switch is also given. The make of Load break Switch shown in the tutorial is Bush Electromech & Engineering Pvt Ltd.

What is Load Break Switch?

  • As the name suggest, it is a switch use to switch voltages from 1000 volts to 33 kilo volts.
  • It is a replacement for 2 pole structure.
  • It also provides the protection to the transformer, which 2 pole structure can’t.

2 Pole Structure

Disadvantages for 2 pole structure

  • Costiler
  • Space Consuming
  • Less safety
  • No protection to the Transformer
  • Switching is cumbersome

Load Break Switch

Advantages of Load break switch

  • Cheaper as compare to 2 pole structure
  • Safer
  • Protection provided for transformer (HRC fuses are provided for protection purpose)
  • Very easy to switch On & Off the supply

Load break switch, generally comes with the spring mechanism for switching ON & OFF the supply, however, option with vacuum circuit breaker is also available. Of course, option with Vacuum circuit breaker is costlier. Choice between these two totally depends on the customer. Load break switch with vacuum circuit breaker is more reliable option.

Load break switch with spring mechanism are generally provided with Fuse protection. And hence, every time a fault occurs, fuse needs to be replaced. On the other hand, if you are using Load break switch with vacuum circuit breaker, we only needs to Turn On the breaker.

Load break switch are also provided with the Earth Switch, which helps in grounding the charges, which can be present even after the switch is turned off.

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