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Gaurav, also known as TheElectricalGuy, is an accomplished electrical engineer with over 8 years of experience in high and medium voltage switchgear. He has worked with industry leaders like Siemens Ltd and Schneider Electric. Gaurav also runs a highly successful YouTube channel with over 161,000 subscribers and a silver play button. His dedication to sharing knowledge extends to creating comprehensive courses, attracting

over 2,000 students worldwide.



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Introduction to Substation & SF6 circuit breakers-–SF6-circuit-breakers-632f03f9e4b0603a541217ea?redirectToMicroFE=true

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“Electric is in my soul, Come & take a deep dive into the Electrical Journey with me. I have made a significant contribution to the global electrical engineering community through my YouTube videos.”- Gaurav J, TheElectricalGuy



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