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Introduction to Substation & SF6 Circuit Breaker

In this course, you'll be introduced with Substation and SF6 Circuit breakers. The course is suitable for all who are starting their study on substations. The course will provide practical aspects about the substation and different switchgear used in them.

What you'll learn?

4 Classes - 2 Hrs total length

  1. What is substation & why it is needed?
  2. Types of switchgear available (AIS/GIS/Hybrid)
  3. Reasons for using AIS
  4. Reasons for using GIS
  5. Reasons for using Hybrid
  1. Circuit Arrangement & it’s importance
  2. Selection of Circuit arrangement
  3. Substation configuration
  4. Circuit arrangement recommendation by CEA
  1. Single busbar arrangement
  2. Double busbar arrangement
  3. One & half breaker scheme
  1. What is circuit breaker ?
  2. Construction of Circuit breaker
  3. Working of SF6 circuit breaker
  4. High & Extra High voltage SF6 circuit breaker
  5. Important parameters of circuit breaker

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A very good content and step by step explaination of substation ,got to learn many new concepts ,thanks a lot for the course ☺️
Great course to understand the substation and switchgear basics! And the price is just ₹ 199
Check out the detail course review!

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Demo Class 1 - What is Substation & it's purpose?

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Do you have your interest in Substations? Do you want to know about the different types of switchgear available in the market? You want to get introduced with different BusBar arrangements? If your answer is YES, then this course is for you.  Lot of students are already learning from the course. What are you waiting for? JOIN THE COURSE NOW!!

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Gaurav J aka TheElectricalGuy, is an Electrical Engineer with years of experience in the Power Transmission sector. He takes care of High & Extra high voltage products. He has been creating content for electrical engineers for more than 5 years now. He also runs a successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers & millions of views