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Complete Guide on DC Machines

Looking to fix your machines basics? Want to understand DC machines crystal clear and in the easiest language? Then this course is for you. By the end of this course, your DC machines concepts will be clearer than others. You'll not only understand the concepts but, you'll master the DC machines i.e. DC Generator & DC Motor both.

What you'll learn?

50+ lectures - 200+ MCQs for practice

Part 1 : DC Generator

  1. Principle of DC Generators
  2. Basic Components required to produce voltage
  3. Generating an AC voltage
  4. Converting AC into DC
  5. Improving the wave shape
  6. Test 1
  7. Important Diagrams
  1. Induced Voltage / EMF Equation 
  2. Neutral Zone / Magnetic Neutral axis
  3. Armature Reaction 
  4. Effects of Armature Reaction
  5. Important Diagrams
  6. Test 2
  1. Brush Shift – Solution to Armature reaction I
  2. Interpoles or Commutating pole – Solution to Armature reaction II
  3. Commutation (Ideal Commutation)
  4. Practical Commutation 
  5. Methods to improve commutation 
  6. Test 3
  7. Importanat Diagrams
  1. Equivalent circuit of DC generator 
  2. Types of DC Generator
  3. Separately Excited DC generator & it’s characteristics 
  4. Self Excited DC generator & it’s characteristics 
  5. Compound generator & it’s characteristics 
  6. Test 4
  7. Important Diagrams
  1. Construction of DC Generator
  2. Practical construction of DC generator
  3. Specifications of Generator
  4. Conclusion
  1. Practice test 1
  2. Practice test 2
  3. Practice test 3

Part 2 : DC Motor

  1. Principle of DC motor
  2. Construction of DC motor
  3. Back EMF or Counter EMF
  4. Acceleration of DC Motor
  5. Solving a Numerical
  6. Mechanical power & torque of DC motor
  7. Test 1
  8. Important Diagrams
  1. Equivalent circuit of DC motor
  2. Speed of DC Motor
  3. Armature speed control
  4. Rheostat speed control
  5. Field speed control
  6. Summary of Speed Control
  7. Test 2
  8. Important Diagrams
  1. Type of DC Motor
  2. Shunt motor and it’s characteristics & application
  3. Series motor and it’s characteristics & application
  4. Compound motor and it’s characteristics & application
  5. Speed Regulation of DC Motor
  6. Summary of Types of DC Motor
  7. Test 3
  8. Important Diagrams
  1. Starting of DC Motor | Why do we need starter?
  2. Different types of starters
  3. Stopping of DC Motor
  4. Dynamic breaking
  5. Plugging
  6. Test 4
  7. Important Diagrams
  1. Losses in DC Machines
  2. Power flow diagram (Power stages)
  3. Efficiency of the DC Machine
  4. Importanat Diagrams 
  1. Practice test 1
  2. Practice test 2
  3. Practice test 3

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Recommended for all who want to understand DC generator very clearly! Learned a lot from the course !
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