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Complete Guide on Transformers

Make your Electrical Transformer concepts crystal clear! Learn everything about Transformer in easiest way!

Course Introduction

Transformers are probably one of the most useful invention in electrical engineering. Transformer can raise or lower voltage in AC circuits, it can also isolate one circuit from another. Not only this, but because of transformer only, we could transmit power over a long distance and distribute it safely to factories or homes. But, what is transformer? How it works ? How it is constructed? What are the different types. All the details about the transformer we are going to learn in this course.

We cannot imagine power system without transformer. Transmission of electricity over such a long distance is only possible because of transformer. And hence, if you are an electrical engineer, you must know about the transformer. Its not an optional thing to know but, a mandatory one! You are not just learning any other device but, the most important equipment in the whole electrical engineering.

Now, if you think, concepts of transformer are difficult to understand, then this course will prove you wrong. By the end of this course, you will not only understand the transformer clearly but also, you’ll develop an interest in electrical machines. The course in designed and organised in such a way that, it unfolded every concepts at the right time which makes understanding very very easy and interesting.

" The primary focus of this course is to clear the transformer related concepts. "

What you'll learn?

30+ lectures - Important Diagrams - MCQs for practice

Course Content

Applications of Transformer
Learning Objective
Voltage Induced in a coil
Applied & Induced voltage
A Basic Transformer
Polarity of Transformer
Ideal Transformer on no-load
Voltage & turns Ratio
Ideal Transformer on Load & Current ratio
Impedance Ratio
Shifting Impedances
Importanat Diagrams
Test 1

Learning Objective
Ideal vs Practical transformer
Practical Transformer on no load
Practical Transformer on load
Primary & secondary leakage reactance
Equivalent circuit of practical transformer
Simplifying the equivalent circuit
Standard terminal marking & Polarity
Transformer taps
Losses in Transformer
Voltage Regulation
Efficiency of transformer
Construction of Transformer
Cooling of Transformer
Importanat Diagrams
Test 2

Learning Objective
Bank of three single phase Transformers
Delta-Delta contacted Transformer
Delta – wye connected transformer
Wye-Delta connected transformer
Wye-Wye connected transformer
Open delta connection
Three phase Transformer
Importanat Diagrams
Test 3


For Section 2 & 3 i.e. for Practical & three phase transformer videos will be posted gradually i.e. every week till we complete the content. 

If required, some topics may be added later on as well. 

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Great one. I cleared my DC machines concepts and now and clearing Transformer concepts. Thank you for such an easy to understand courses.
Dipali Jadhav
Very easy to understand. Helped me in my working profession. Thank you. Looking forward for next videos.

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