The basics I test

Ω Welcome to the test on The Basics-I (Designed by Gaurav J).

  1. What is voltage?

2. What is current?
3. Ohms law relates,
4. Resistance is the ………………. Offered to the flow of electrons.
5. Resistance changes with change in,
6. Actual flow of current is from
7. Frequency is a concept related to
8. Peak value is
9. Two phasors are said to be in phase when
10. To move electrons from one place to another, we need
11. Material is said to have “positive temperature coefficient” if,
12. An inductor stores energy as
13. A capacitor stores energy as
14. Inductor follows ohm’s law.
15. Material whose electrons are tightly bounded together is called as
16. Resistance adds in series & divides in parallel
17. Electric current through resistance results in
18. Field flux is equivalent to
19. Material opposes the field flux is called as
20. Capacitors react against changes in voltage by supplying or drawing ………… in the direction necessary to oppose the change.


The basics I test

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