Test on Transformer I

Δ Welcome to the test on Transformer I

1) Transformer are helpful in
2) The effective value of flux induce in a coil by an alternating flux, is given by
3) Primary is electrically isolated with the secondary, in case of transformer.
4) Transformer is a  ……. Device.
5) Transformer works on …..
6) The current drawn by the primary coil from the source, to produce the flux is called
7) Ideal transformer does not have …..
8) Which of the following is not a type of transformer?
9) Flux which does not links with the secondary winding are called as,
10) Due to change in the load on a transformer, flux through the transformer also changes.
11) Flux produced in a transformer, depends upon
12) When a transformer is loaded with a constant primary voltage, the secondary voltage decreases (lagging pf), because of its..
13) Transformer is said to have maximum efficiency when..
14) Auto transformer has only one winding.
15) In auto transformer primary and secondary is electrically isolated.
16) Regular transformer requires more copper than the auto transformer.
17) Copper losses are affected by the power factor?
18) Which IEC standard applies for power transformers
19) Instrument transformers are also used for power transfer.
20) A transformer with primary winding connected as a delta and secondary as a star, is preferred for


Test on Transformer I

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