Test on Circuit Breaker

Welcome to your Circuit Breaker

1.Which one of the following is not a type of circuit breaker?
2.Above 33kV which circuit breaker is preferred?

  1. Circuit breaker is a ………..

4.circuit breaker can also break capacitive and inductive currents.

  1. In circuit breaker current is interrupted at current zero.

6.SF6 is a ………… gas
7.IEC standard applicable for circuit breaker is

  1. SF6 gas does not cools fast, hence it is good for insulation.

  1. We can not operate circuit breaker manually.

10.Which one of the following is not a part of circuit breaker?
11.Arc is stuck between the main contacts of circuit breaker.
12. Arc is stuck because of
13.What is the pressure of SF6 gas inside the breaker?

  1. The voltage that appears across circuit breaker contact at current zero during arcing period is known as

  1. Which is the most difficult duty to break?

16.PF of load can affect the performance of the breaker.

  1. which one of the following is not a standard voltage?

18. Which one of the following is not a circuit breaker manufacturer?

  1. Which standard applicable for sf6 gas?

  1. Making current capacity of circuit breaker is 2.5 times its rated breaking current.


Test on Circuit Breaker

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