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Rated Voltages (as per IEC) & Voltage classes

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Rated voltage is defined as, the maximum system voltage for which the equipment is designed. It indicates the maximum value of the “highest system voltage” of networks for which the equipment may be used.

IEC 62271-1 has specified the standard values of rated voltages which are given below. 

Rated voltages as per IEC 62271-1 & voltage classes

Following are some additional  voltage classes which are used in some areas like North america.

  1. 4.76kV
  2. 8.25kV
  3. 15kV
  4. 15.5kV
  5. 25.8kV
  6. 27kV
  7. 38kV
  8. 48.3kV
  9. 72.5kV
  10. 123kV
  11. 145kV
  12. 170kV
  13. 245kV

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