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How capacitor keeps the voltage constant | Explained

We know that capacitor is used to keep the voltage constant, but have you ever thought how capacitor keeps the voltage constant? how capacitor resist change in voltage? And why do we always get a leading current in capacitor?
You will find the answers with the easiest explanation in the video.

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Gaurav J

Conductance, Susceptance & Admittance | Easiest Explantion

Many of the time we ignore these terms i.e. conductance, Susceptance & admittance. May be because that “sounds” difficult or we don’t give much importance to this. But if you understand these terms it’ll really help you to understand the basics. And yes, believe me I can give you the easiest explanation of these terms and to get that you need to watch the video.

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Gaurav J

Test on Circuit Breaker

Welcome to your Circuit Breaker 1.Which one of the following is not a type of circuit breaker? A. DCB B. VCB C. OCB D. MCB2.Above
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