How capacitor keeps the voltage constant | Explained

We know that capacitor is used to keep the voltage constant, but have you ever thought how capacitor keeps the voltage constant? how capacitor resist change in voltage? And why do we always get a leading current in capacitor?
You will find the answers with the easiest explanation in the video.
Practical construction of a capacitor:
How capacitor stores energy:


Gaurav J
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- Electrical Engineer. Interest & Study in Electrical Engineering. Currently working with a High-Voltage Switchgear Industry.


  • Abhinethri

    I just expecting a video explanation on why currents lags in case of inductor
    Another video on why votage and current are in phase in case of resistor..

  • Surya jagadeesh

    Good explain in all topics, I want to different types of single and three phase motor and genarators,
    And also explain the Doublly fed induction generator briefly explain

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