DC machines I test

Welcome to the test on DC Machines I (Designed by Aditya Chorghade)

1) Working principle of DC machine is based on _____
2) In a DC machine the function of interpoles is to _____
3) The nature of EMF in DC armature circuit is _____
4) The DC generator that has poorest voltage regulation is _____
5) Carbon brushes are preferred in DC machines because
6) Fleming’s Left Hand Rule is applicable to _____
7) The LAP winding in DC machine is used for _____
8) In the separately excited DC generator the value of armature resistance is approximately _____
9) In the armature reaction of DC generator the induced EMF is _____
10) As the load increases ,speed of the DC shunt motor  _____
11) The magnetization characteristic of DC machine is the relation between _____
12) If there is fault occur in the winding or number of turns of DC generator then the voltage at the output is _____
13) In the series generator the value of resistance of series field winding is approximately _____
14) The value of current flowing through shunt field winding in shunt generator is _____
15) Shunt generator is also known as _____
16) If the terminal voltage of DC series motor is increased, what will be the effect on the armature current under full load condition  _____
17) Is there any induction takes place in long shunt DC motor under steady state _____
18) In the electric welding what type of DC generator is suitable _____
19) The compensating winding in DC machine is _____
20) A 4 – point starter is used to start and control the speed of a _____


DC machines I test

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