1 Phase Power Vs 3 Phase Power | Easiest Explanation

Electrical energy is generated, transmitted and distributed in the form of three phase power. Homes and small premises are connected with single phase power. But most of the time you will find that, 3 phase power is more preferred over 1 phase power. The 3 phase machineries are more efficient than 1 phase. But why it is like that? Why 3 phase power is preferred over 1 phase and what is the basic difference between 3 phase and 1 phase power? So, if you want to get the answers and other details about 1 phase and 3 phase power in the easiest way, I would recommend you to watch the video.

1. Why AC supply is always represented by a SINE wave? Explained – http://www.theelectricalguy.in/why-ac-supply-is-always-represented-by-a-sine-wave-explained/

2. Instantaneous Power – http://www.theelectricalguy.in/activereactive-apparent-power-improved-version/

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