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Phase Sequence of three phase system | Explained

Phase sequence in 3 phase system determines the direction of rotation of 3 phase induction motor. Phase sequence also decided wether we can connect one 3 phase system parallel with another or not. And hence its is very important to understand what is phase sequence. So, to get the details about phase sequence, watch the video.

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Gaurav J

Series and Parallel connection: For beginners (Article)

Circuit consisting of two or more components is common thing. These components in circuit can be connected in two different ways i.e. series or parallel.  Now, the questions are, what is series connection? What is parallel connection? What are the advantage of series connection or parallel connection?  How is voltage and current in case of series or parallel connection? What are the real-life application of series and parallel connection? Well, I am going to answer all these questions in this video so, if you want to have the answers and the basics of series and parallel connection, read this article.

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